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BioThane 1.5” HD Pants Belt


Easily swap any 1.5” or wider belt buckle you might already have. Included is a simple heel-bar buckle, and the loop is also removable if needed for different buckle styles. We hope to offer different buckle options in the future.

These are cut and finished as ordered and should ship with only a slight lead time.

This 1.5″ wide belt uses a 4mm thick BioThane as the body material. If you’re looking for a very supportive belt without the care and cost of multi-layered leather, this is for you.

Biothane is a fully synthetic coated webbing with a hand similar to leather. The material is very popular and has been used for years in the equine industry as a low maintenance durable replacement for leather tack. It can still scratch and take marks similar to leather, but without the stretching and cracking leather can suffer.

Aside from where the belt is cut and the holes punched, there is nowhere along the belt body to absorb any kind of moisture, we’re not even sewing a logo or size tag on the belt. This means it can easily be cleaned and disinfected without worry that the belt body has absorbed anything nasty.

Please take an actual measurement over top your pants where your belt rides, including anything tucked in or carried IWB. You can also measure a currently used belt, just the body not including the buckle, from the buckle end to the most used hole. This actual measurement will be used to cut your belt and will be right in the middle of twelve (12) holes, each spaced 1/2” apart.


Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 8 × 1.5 in


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