About Us


What would become the Atlas G-Hook Belt was first built sometime during 2011, in an Ohio basement using an industrial sewing machine that was older than Matt was at the time. After friends from the range starting wearing, testing, and enjoying the new belt design, word started to spread organically via internet web forums that were in vogue at the time. Soon more folks wanted the new belt using the ultra low profile buckle and pretty much overnight a new business was born. Some of those first generation belts are still in use to this day. They aren’t pretty or as tightly stitched as the design today but have suffered no failures, a nod to the attention to rugged detail used even in the early days.

Since then the business was named, the first web store was launched, a cool logo was designed, and more models and styles have been regularly added to the lineup. Feedback from end users is a very important influence on new designs and tweaking current styles as well.

Current and Future Endeavors

In 2015 Matt and family moved to Centerburg, Ohio and was able to build a workshop building on the new homestead property. With the help of some hard working folks, state of the art machinery and tooling; Volund Gearworks continues to innovate and build quality gear for hard everyday users right in the heart of Ohio. Keeping the production in-house, focusing on quality over quantity, offering solid customer service, and continuing to innovate and create are the foundations of Volund Gearworks business.

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