Most frequent questions and answers

Everything is produced in the USA and almost every tool and raw material we use are also made in the USA. Nearly every item we sell is built from start to finish near the geographic center of Ohio, in a little town called Centerburg, in a custom built workshop on private family property.
All comms are kept to email whenever possible. This way we can answer questions at all hours of the day or night, from the toilet to the deer tree stand back in the woods. Email also keeps track of communications to keep everyone honest and eliminating chit-chat over the phone keeps time spent in the workshop highly productive.

Prices are kept the same for everyone all the time. After over 15 years spent in retail before starting this business, it was found a common trick retailers play is to raise the prices across the board so as to offer “discounts” to various groups without actually affecting the business’s bottom line, and always thought that was janky.

There are sales and special pricing from time to time for everyone, so pay attention to our social media for notices, as well as the clearance area of the web store: The Abattoir.

Possibly. Send an email with what you have in mind. A lot of times custom work depends on how convoluted the idea might be and how busy we currently are.
USPS is the go-to shipping method we use as they generally pick up shipments going out almost daily. UPS can also be used but they stop by our rural property where the workshop is located less often. If demand rises we will use UPS more but for the past many years USPS has worked just fine.
All items are warranted against manufacturing defects. Simple wear and tear isn’t generally a warranty issue but there have been a handful of belts that have had the hook and loop tails replaced after many years of daily use with only the shipping charged.
We do not currently produce any safety or fall rated belts. While the materials used might have ratings that far exceed body weight, the forces generated during a fall can be tremendous. Simply sewing a D- Ring onto a belt doesn’t cut it for our standards. Should a fall rated belt be added to the lineup it will undergo extensive third-party testing by a an accredited safety testing organization and all results will be posted with the item in question. This is a pretty expensive and time consuming ordeal so it’s our opinion that should you need safety rated equipment you should seek out the properly tested and rated gear. Using a pants belt to arrest a fall would really suck anyway….

All of our belt sizing is based off actual measurements, NOT YOUR PANTS SIZE! An actual measurement over top where the belt will ride, including anything tucked into your pants or over top an inner belt, is the best place to start.

Different models have slightly different sizing how-to’s so please read the sizing info clearly spelled out in the individual item descriptions. For instance some belts overlap and some do not so the lengths on these belts needed will be different. The most common reason belts are returned is because the customer didn’t read the description and ordered the wrong size. Send an email if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to help you dial in the best fit.

Go here for more details about belt sizing.

We get asked this question a lot. According to the vaudeville historian Tom Waits, we need to go all the way back to the Civil War for the answer. Apparently, a Union Soldier was shot through the testicle and the bullet lodged itself into the ovary of a nearby young woman. The resulting baby was just fine and the woman was happy to be guilt-free. However, the soldier was pretty pissed off.