1.5″ Aesir D-Ring


A non-metallic cinch belt with the superior Aesir style body.

These are built to order so will have a slight lead time, generally 1-3 weeks. Drop us a message if you’d like to know the current lead time or are on a tight schedule. We can usually work with Deployment and Training schedule deadlines.

  • Available in Standard & SLIM

How do I choose the correct size?


The Aesir series of belts are non-overlapping designs with buckles that match the width of the main belt body. Where the Atlas belts use narrower 1″ buckles on wider belt bodies that must overlap to use.

The STANDARD option is a single layer of stiff scuba webbing as the core, sandwiched between two layers of 1.5″ flat webbing, with a soft tail to make adjustments quick and easy. The main belt body is basically the same as our standard Atlas belts without the 1″ trim webbing. A comfortable belt that will move with your body while still giving great support for IWB carried items and the less brick-like OWB gear.

The SLIM option is a very soft, flexible design consisting of three layers of flat webbing, omitting the stiff scuba webbing core on the Standard body design. IWB and AIWB users have given positive feedback when using a softer belt and this is a great option for those who find even the modestly stiff belts to be uncomfortable. Also a good option for wearing under pack waist belts and outer Duty/Battle belts.

Two Acetal D-Rings are used for simple cinch adjustment with no metal to scratch surfaces or set off detectors.

The end of the tail is Notched to make threading through pants and holster loops easier and Melted to seal the end completely and resist fraying. Sharp edges are melted and rounded off as much as possible for comfort.

You can also add a HOOK or LOOP lining to the belt if desired. Simply choose the lining when building the belt while ordering. For the hoopleheads out there, HOOK is the stiff scratchy side and LOOP is the soft fuzzy side, also known as Velcro.

How do I choose the correct size?


SIZING: Sizing is a little different from the Atlas series. Due to the non-overlapping design there is a little less adjustment range. The body is followed by a softer tail with a small section of hook material to trap the tail to the belt body after cinching. The soft tail also makes fine adjustments quick and easy.

It’s best to take an actual measurement over top where the belt will ride including anything tucked in; holsters, shirt, etc. Do not use your pants size.

The smaller size number equates to roughly the actual length of the belt when cinched all the way down and the larger number is opened up to where the tail will still stick to the loop field; in a pinch the belt can open up wider but the tail will simply hang free, giving the option for occasional use with bulky winter layers.

Sizes in INCHES:

  • SMALL 32-36
  • MEDIUM 34-38
  • LARGE 36-40
  • X-LARGE 38-42
  • XX-LARGE 40-44
  • 3XL 42-46
  • 4XL 44-48
  • Need a smaller or larger size? Contact us for the info….
Weight .5 lbs


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