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2” Aesir Duty Belt


These are built to order so will have a slight lead time, generally 1-3 weeks. Drop us a message if you’d like to know the current lead time or are on a tight schedule. We can usually work with Deployment and Training schedule deadlines.

How do I choose the correct size?

This is the material lining the INSIDE FACE of the belt, the side that will face towards your body and mate with an inner pants liner belt of the opposing material if one is used.

This is basically the V2 Micro Battle Belt’s platform, a 2″ wide very stiff belt, without the horizontal molle strips. The belt’s closure system consists of soft “wings” on either side of the stiff body to fine tune the adjustment for sizing. Buckle options when ordering include a USA made 2″ Acetal side release buckle or the ever popular Cobra Buckle. You can also use any 2″ buckle from your gear pile and save a few $.  Acetal is a proven material used in countless designs, look it up if you want to read the science and specs behind it.

The belt is adjustable on each side of the buckle to dial in the correct fit needed and give some extra wiggle room if the belt is to ever be worn over top winter layers.

Choose a HOOK or LOOP lining and match the belt up with an opposing liner belt to have the two pieces stick together. We recommend the Micro Grip Belt Panel from HSGI if you want a grippy slightly padded liner, it’s almost like these two pieces were made for each other. There is a reason why we don’t make a removable liner like this ourselves; same reason we don’t make rifle slings or mag pouches. Order your Duty belt with LOOP lining if you are planning to get an HSGI pad.

How do I choose the correct size?



Each size has a general min/max fit range. These are ACTUAL measurements so it’s up to you to measure around where the belt will ride most of the time to figure out the size needed. This measurement has nothing to do with what size pants you wear. Emails giving your pants size and then asking what size you should order will be ignored. Ideally your best choice will be somewhere in the middle few inches of either size for the best fit.

  • SMALL: 30″ – 38″
  • MEDIUM: 36″ – 44″
  • LARGE: 42″ – 50″
  • X-LARGE: 48″ – 56″


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 11 × 2 in


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