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2” Micro Battle Belt V3

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The V1 led the way to the Micro Belt revolution, the V2 brought innovative options to the original design, and now the V3 continues the evolution of the low profile highly versatile battle belts. Lighter and even lower profile than the V1 with both horizontal and vertical molle mounting options. Currently our best selling battle belt. A MD/42″ sized V3 weighs in at around 11oz.

These are built to order so will have a slight lead time, generally 1-3 weeks. Drop us a message if you’d like to know the current lead time or are on a tight schedule. We can usually work with Deployment and Training schedule deadlines.

How do I choose the correct size?

This is the material lining the INSIDE FACE of the belt, the side that will face towards your body and mate with an inner pants liner belt of the opposing material if one is used.

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Lighter, Lower Profile, and more Forgiving on the body. A single layer of 2″ scuba webbing, two layers of 2″ flat webbing and a full 2″ wide HOOK or LOOP lining running the entire length of the belt body. “Loop” is the soft fuzzy material, and “Hook” is the stiff scratchy one, also called Velcro. Less stiff than the double layer scuba webbing brethren while still maintaining great stability for mounted kit. The V3 must still overlap when closing but the keeper loop on the V1 model has been dropped and a small section of opposing material allows the overlapping ends to stick together. The 1″ tail is attached nearly 12″ back from the end of the belt body easily giving nearly 10″ of adjustability.

Molle gives the ability to lock molle/pals pouches into place and fixing their height. There is a ½” strip running along the top and bottom edges, tacked in 1.5” spacing, and a 1” gap along the center. Additional 1” webbing is attached vertically along the center of the belt as well. The short and sweet of this is the ability to attach pouches both vertically and horizontally on the belt, or weave plastic restraints along the body tucked securely behind your pouches. Endless possibilities.

Tek-Loks will mount to this design and holster slide mounts like the UBL from Safariland will slide onto the belt body.

Use a Liner Belt in your pants covered in the opposing material and the V3 will stick to the inner belt for a rock solid setup. Options here include the Atlas Liner Belts, Classic Liner Belts, and even a BioThane Liner Belt…..or use a liner belt you might already own….options!

The V3 will still perform and function fine without the use of an inner liner belt. The liner belt option will help secure the outer belt into position and not allow it to rotate or shift up or down. Another option is to add a set of Belt Keepers and then don the battle belt over whatever pants belt you might be wearing and use the keepers to secure the outer belt into place. Ordering the outer battle belt with Loop lining is recommended if no inner liner belt is going to be used since the stiffer Hook side can abrade clothing the belt is worn over top of.


How do I choose the correct size?


Belt Body CUT TO Lengths:

  • SM 38″
  • MD 42″
  • LG 46″
  • XL 50″
  • XXL 54″

Remember to take into account anything that may be worn under the Micro Battle Belt and take your measurements accordingly! The belt needs to overlap about 1.5 inches at least to fit properly at it’s largest and can cinch down around 10″ if lots of wiggle room is needed…..winter layers, Taco Tuesdays, etc.


Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 11 × 2 in

8 reviews for 2” Micro Battle Belt V3

  1. Kyle nicol (verified owner)

    Just got inner and outer belt plus holders and i am totally impressed with the quality. Quick lead time. Professional piece of kit. Extra props to volund for recognizing me putting two orders in. I forgot to order the holders and they refunded my shipping and put it all in one box!

  2. Adam Smith (verified owner)

    I just received mine today, and the quality is mind-blowing. In my opinion, this should be everyone’s first consideration for a battle belt.

    -It’s 2 inches, so it has a full 1″ space for attaching MOLLE equipment (unlike 1.75″ belts that have only 0.75″).
    -It has both horizontal and vertical PALS webbing, so you can attach things in either orientation. And the webbing is very tight, so it holds attachments very securely.
    -You can choose the inner and outer webbing colors separately, which is an awesome bit of customization.
    -You can choose either hook or loop for the outer belt. One school of thought is that loop on the outer belt and hook on the inner belt makes them stick better because of the bend. Idk if it does, but it’s an option.
    -This belt is STIFF. It supports my G-Code Optimal Drop Platform with holster and pistol very well, and it sticks to my inner belt super tightly. It’s not going anywhere.
    -The hook liner is very flat against the belt. On some belts, it’s a bit wavy due to the bend in the belt, but not with the Völund.
    -The stitching is flawless.
    -The lead time was accurate!

    I am so impressed with the quality that I will recommend this belt to anyone who asks about a battle belt setup. If I need another belt in the future, this is where I will get it.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great battle belt, it’s lightweight and low-profile. I needed it for a class and asked for a quick turnaround, they did a great job. I had it within two weeks. So far it’s working well.

  4. Nick S. (verified owner)

    Amazing quality belt. Took about 10 days from ordering to delivery. The quality of the material is second to none. I immediately mounted my True North holster adapter with no issues, hold is super tight in the webbing. Tossed on my IFAK, Dump Pouch and flashlight prepping for an indoor range day.

    What’s wonderful about the V3 belt is the loops so you can adjust the size perfectly to fit your needs. Took about 10 minutes to get sized, but once done it fit like a glove. Hit the range and had full motion, no issues with it slipping off the inside belt, and nothing moved.

    When you spend this much on a belt, it better live up to every expectation…. and it does! The quality is unmatched, the material nothing but the best. The amount of customization offered is not found elsewhere.

    Anyone who asks for belt suggestions will only get one answer – Micro Battle Belt V3…

  5. Matt (verified owner)

    Best battle belt on the market. 2″ so it actually works with MOLLE. Blows ronin out of the water, not even close. Super stiff, wont sag, esp when you run it with an inner belt.

  6. George Jorgenson (verified owner)

    I’ve been researching gun belts for awhile now. I finally pulled the trigger on the 2” Volund Gear belt. I couldn’t be more pleased with the fit and quality of this belt!! Absolutely beautiful. It’s very stiff. It supports the weight of my gear without any sag. I’m a big guy, not as big as I once was, I actually could’ve bought one size smaller, but when you’ve been big, you always over guess it. I actually only have a few inches of overlap so it fits perfectly. I can’t recommend it higher! Amazing! Fast delivery too!

  7. George Jorgenson (verified owner)

    I’ve been researching different battle belts for a while now. Looking for a very stiff 2” belt in Multicam that fits my 50” waist. This is hands down the highest quality belt on the market. There are very few review videos on YouTube for this belt, and none by anyone who is skinny. As soon as I’ve finished setting it up, and using it for a while, I’m going to post a review. The stitching is perfect. The stiffness is very nice. So far I cannot find a single fault. They told me it would take about a week to two weeks. I have it in my hand in 7 days! I’m very impressed!

  8. AJ (verified owner)

    Originally only found Volund because I was looking for 2-Inch belts . . . specifically because I like the MOLLE sitting perfectly flush. Heard Volund mentioned in whispers in a few corners of the internet hidden amongst the endless talk of Ronin this and HSGI that. I was trying to stick to a (much lower) initial budget, but I am glad I ignored that.

    Was not quite expecting it to be so STIFF and THICCCC, with like 4 C’s intentional. These things are beefy. Everyone claims Ronin is stiff, but those people have literally never even heard of Volund Gearworks belts. You could prop a car up with these things. And being 2-Inch belts means MOLLE pouches sit flush and there is no flop or slop. They stay perfectly put. Putting the MOLLE on initially is made an absolute chore due to how thick and stiff the belts are, but it’s worth it.

    Volund is also very accommodating with custom orders and is prompt in responding and communication; aside from having the widest range of belt sizes of any company I’ve seen so far (most other mainstream companies only do 4 blanket sizes from 32 to 46-ish, while Volund can go well beyond those). I got a custom-made inner belt and it’s as wonderfully good quality as anything else here. Combine this 2-Inch Battle belt with those super-beefy inners and the stuff on that belt isn’t going anywhere you dont explicitly want it to.

    Probably one of the most (overall) expensive belt out there, but you get your worth for every single penny and you are supporting real, small-business, red-blooded Americans who can take pride in what they do. You will not be disappointed.

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