2” Micro Battle Belt V3


The V1 led the way to the Micro Belt revolution, the V2 brought innovative options to the original design, and now the V3 continues the evolution of the low profile highly versatile battle belts. Lighter and even lower profile than the V1 with both horizontal and vertical molle mounting options. Currently our best selling battle belt.

If you need an exceptionally stiff belt like the V1, there is a Custom Order option to add another layer of stiff core webbing to the V3. Drop us a line for the info….

These are built to order so will have a slight lead time, generally 1-3 weeks. Drop us a message if you’d like to know the current lead time or are on a tight schedule. We can usually work with Deployment and Training schedule deadlines.

How do I choose the correct size?

Lighter, Lower Profile, and more Forgiving on the body. A single layer of 2″ scuba webbing, two layers of 2″ flat webbing and a full 2″ wide HOOK or LOOP lining running the entire length of the belt body. Less stiff than the double layer scuba webbing brethren while still maintaining great stability for mounted kit. The V3 must still overlap when closing but the keeper loop on the V1 model has been dropped and a small section of opposing material allows the overlapping ends to stick together. The 1″ tail is attached nearly 12″ back from the end of the belt body easily giving nearly 10″ of adjustability.

Molle gives the ability to lock molle/pals pouches into place and fixing their height. There is a ½” strip running along the top and bottom edges, tacked in 1.5” spacing, and a 1” gap along the center. Additional 1” webbing is attached vertically along the center of the belt as well. The short and sweet of this is the ability to attach pouches both vertically and horizontally on the belt, or weave plastic restraints along the body tucked securely behind your pouches. Endless possibilities.

Tek-Loks will mount to this design and holster slide mounts like the UBL from Safariland will slide onto the belt body much easier than the V1 and V2 models.

Use a Liner Belt in your pants covered in the opposing material and the V3 will stick to the inner belt for a rock solid setup.

How do I choose the correct size?


Belt Body CUT TO Lengths:

  • SM 38″
  • MD 42″
  • LG 46″
  • XL 50″
  • XXL 54″

Remember to take into account anything that may be worn under the Micro Battle Belt and take your measurements accordingly! The belt needs to overlap about 1.5 inches at least to fit properly at it’s largest and can cinch down around 10″ if lots of wiggle room is needed…..winter layers, Taco Tuesdays, etc.


Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 11 × 2 in


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